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Title: Remember A Day

Author: Evenstar Estel

Recipient: prehistoriccat

A anomaly opens up into one of the characters past, and they are
presented with the opportunity to change something painful that happened to

Characters/Pairing: Connor/Abby.

Rating: T.

Summary: An anomaly opens with Brighton, 1995 on the other side and
for one team member it's a reminder of a living nightmare
Spoiler: Series 2, AU

Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance.

Disclaimer: Own nothin', just playin'.


Special thanks to casy_dee for the beta!

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

He'd grinned like a fool the entire walk back to the car. Abby had accepted
him and understood why he'd done what he'd done. He felt dreadful for no longer
sharing her memories of their relationship, but it couldn't be helped. He just
had to keep in mind that because he'd gone back and rescued Angela from her
killer that Abby and her brother had been adopted and had a family. This Abby
was certainly happier and much freer with her thoughts and her actions. The
Abby he'd left behind had a tough exterior, masking her sweetness and goodness.
She never allowed herself to be perceived as vulnerable. This new Abby loved
to be touched and cuddled and could tell him she loved him without reservation.
It would take time for them to get used to the gap of knowledge and memory between
them, but they were both willing to see past it and build a new life together.
Connor was practically giddy. Along the way Abby intermittently pushed him up
against a tree or a car and kissed him senseless, her hands roaming all over
his body and certain places that she really ought not to on a public

By the time they arrived home they were on fire for each other. They stumbled
with every step down the walk as they strove to reach their front door due to
being locked in a crazed, lust filled embrace and unable to take their hands
or lips off each other. The barely made it inside the door before Connor had
her pressed right up against it, his mouth voracious over her neck and chest,
desperately trying to get her undressed. He was so wrapped up in Abby and she
in him that they didn't notice the third set of hands involved until Connor
let out an bloody curdling scream and leapt back. He frantically pulled down
his trousers and shook the ice chips and cubes from his boxers. Abby was howling
with laughter at with his frantic dance. Angela stood there dressed to the nines
in a red couture cocktail dress and four inch pumps with an empty pitcher in
her hand, giving them both the evil eye.

"Upstairs right now!" ordered Angela. "Don't you two ever
answer your cell phones?! We have to be at the party one hour and it's going
to take at least forty five minutes to get to there!"

"Oh my god! I completely forgot!" cried Abby. "We'll be ready
on the double!"

"You bet your little arse you will! I've already laid out your clothes.
I've fed Rex and the rest of your scaly brood. We'll have to do your nails and
make up in the car, Connor will drive. I can't believe you forgot Abby! Mum's
been planning this for weeks. Connor, pull up your trousers, last thing I need
is to see your willy again." Connor's eyes all but popped out of his head
and he quickly did as he was told, scurrying away from the towering force of
brassed off supermodel and on up the stairs. Angela smiled. "He's gonna
miss me."

"Definitely," beamed Abby, suddenly feeling extremely grateful, unable
to imagine a world without her sister in it.

"Why are you still here!?" Abby squeaked and dashed up the stairs.
She found Connor tripping all over himself to get into the charcoal gray cashmere
pinstriped suit. Angela had even laid out a fresh pair of boxers for him. He'd
successfully wrangled himself into the black silk button down shirt, but he
was absolutely clueless about the antique gold coloured silk tie. Abby calmed
him with a simple touch upon his face.

"She always could get you riled up," said Abby. "You two really
are the best of friends, like brother and sister, but she's always known how
to push your buttons and you always rise to the occasion. She's always been
a brat like that. Take your time, we can be a little late. It's her going away
party with the family and she's going to love being the center of attention.
She always has, but I've never minded." Abby tied his tie for him and straightened
his suit. "Put on your socks and shoes while I get dressed." Connor
sat on the bed and pulled on the clean black socks and the black leather dress
shoes that Angela had laid out for him. Meanwhile Abby stripped naked. Upon
seeing her in the nude Connor froze. He'd never actually seen her naked before
and he was awestruck. Her beauty was beyond anything he'd ever imagined. He
quickly averted his eyes for fear of needing another pitcher of ice down his
trousers. Abby slipped into the pale flesh toned panties and the strapless push
up bra that amplified her cleavage before she slipped the golden silk off the
shoulder shift dress adourned with minuscule Swarovski crystals in spiral patterns.
The dress barely made it half way down her thighs. She sat down on the bed next
to him and pulled on a matching pair of high heels. The handbag left on the
bed presumably held all the make up Angela had mentioned and after running their
brushes through their hair they left the bedroom.

Angela crammed her long legs into the back seat behind Connor and made Abby
recline hers as Connor drove them out of the city. As she did Abby's make up
with a deft hand, she also directed Connor as he drove them out of London. The
special dinner was being held in an old Georgian Manor that had been converted
into a hotel and restaurant. There were a number of luxury cars parked outside
and the mini looked very out of place. Angela walked in ahead of them while
Abby and Connor hung back, hands linked, taking in the atmosphere. To say the
place was opulent would be an understatement. They were on time afterall and
when they walked into the private banquet room they were greeted with jubilation.
As Connor and Abby had been walking she quickly filled him in on his history
with her family as fast as she could. Connor called her parents by their first
names and they were all very comfortable with each other. They'd gotten together
many times, for birthdays, summer holidays and Christmas. Abby promised to keep
conversations light and not leave his side so he wouldn't get hitched up in
any encounters he had tonight. Angela's model friends were there, along with
a few celebrities. Under different circumstances Connor might've been star struck,
but tonight he only had eyes for Abby. She looked divine, truly, like some sort
of sun goddess. He was completely under her spell. They met up with the Clarksons,
including Abby's brother Jack, who Connor found to be quite a gracious young
man. They drank and ate and mingled and all the while Connor was amazed by the
fact that his actions had been the cause of all this joy and merriment. He watched
Angela dance around the room from one friend to another. She was all smiles
and kisses and happiness. He observed Abby leaning against her adopted mum,
hugging her and being completely content and at peace. He'd given her that.
This was the kind of life he'd always hoped Abby could have and he thanked the
powers that be that he got to be a part of it.

As the party was winding down Connor and Abby snuck away out to the folly at
the end of the garden. Connor had given Abby is jacket to wear as the night
was cool and he didn't want her to get a chill. He sat down on the stone bench
and pulled her down into his lap. She snuggled against him, toying with his
tie and resting her head against his neck and shoulder.

"You know, I think this is by far the craziest, more outrageous day I've
ever had," said Abby. "Even more than the day we met."

"Same for me. I didn't know what I expected when I came back through after
rescuing Angela. I just hope and prayed that you were still in my life. I never
expected something so wonderful as to have you as my own."

"Well, you've got me. I don't think you changed the world so much as just
fixed it."

"I like that thought." They were interrupted by the buzzing of their
cells phones. They shared a look of disappointment. Had another anomaly opened?
But after one look at their texts they breathed a sigh of relief. The anomaly
to Brighton, 1995 had closed, sealing the present fate of this new world. Abby
sat up and took him by the hand.

"Let's go pry Ange off Mick Jagger and head home. With any luck she'll
have had enough to drink that she'll sleep deeply. I've got designs on having
my way with you tonight. We've still got a record to smash!"

Angela was snoring in the back of the car by the time they arrived home. Connor
half carried her, half dragged her up the stairs to the loft, laying her on
her stomach on the bed. She hadn't been especially drunk, but she'd certainly
imbibed enough to ensure a good night's sleep. She's mumbled a goodnight to
him and lazily patted him on his cheek. When he returned to the bedroom he found
Abby already undressed, save for her lingerie and her high heels. She was draped
along the length of the bed with her arms above her head. Her chest was pushed
up, with one leg slightly bent, making for a very enticing picture. Connor was
speechless and Abby tried to look seductive but dissolved into giggles.

"Who am I kidding? I couldn't pull off sultry to save my life! I'll leave
that to Ange. Connor, get naked and come here!" she commanded. He stripped
himself bare in record time and was about to jump on the bed when Abby held
up her hands to halt him. "Best hang it up, it's Armani."

"Armani? How the bloody hell can I afford an Armani suit?"

"Angela bought it for you, thought you'd clean up nice. Which you do."
He took the clothes off the floor and put them back on their hangers in the

"If she can afford to buy Armani suits and the frock she was wearing tonight,
how come she's living with us, in the loft no less?" Abby pulled him down
to the bed to lay with her and gave him a sweet kiss upon his lips.

"It's simple - family. She hated living in Chelsea. She worked all the
time but afterwards she was alone. She had useless boyfriends who were only
with her to up their status. Living with us made her feel safe and loved. You
two really do get on famously. She only gives you a hard time because she's
comfortable with you and knows you can take it. You're like her big brother.
It's been lovely having her. When she went off to France and Italy for the first
time to model she learned hard and fast to have two personalities. She's professional,
but a flirt and party girl on the outside. She puts on a show for everyone,
except her family. Really her favourite thing in the world is to sit with us
n' watch a film and pig out on dark chocolate fudge ripple ice cream. I'm really
going to miss her, but it's time. She's got her confidence and independence
now. She's in demand, she's earning plenty of money. She's really hitting her
stride. I'm proud of her. I want to tell her about what you did. I want her
to know. She has a really big life and it's all thanks to you. She's
already aware about most of what goes on in our world anyways. That okay?"

"Course it is, love." Abby took his hand and held it between her

"And from what you've said, I've got a really great life now too. I think
maybe, some how, some way, the other me would have fallen in love with you.
I think you're irresistible. Your good nature, your selflessness, your beautiful
smile with that devastating little dimple, not to mention your...." She
reached down and took his length in her hand, stroking him to life. Connor gasped
and shuddered and then moaned. She leaned in to kiss him, a smile tugging at
the corners of her mouth. "I love you, Connor Temple, more that life itself."

"I love you Abby Mait...I mean Clark... can we just make it Temple and
be done with it?" She leaned back with an astonished look on her face.


"Absolutely! If I'm not pushing my luck, that is. If you actually want
to marry me. If you think it's a good idea. I mean, you don't have to, it's
okay." She pinched his bum and he yelped. "What was that for?!"

"Smarten up and shelve the self pity you nit. Go back to being adorable
and romantic." She settled in more comfortably in the pillows and gave
him a smile of encouragement. Connor cleared his throat and looked into her

"Abigail Sarah Clarkson, I love you and want to make you happy
for the rest of your life. Will you marry me?" Abby snaked her arms around
him and pulled him down on top of her.

"Yes, Connor, I will."


"It's gonna be!"

For the second morning in a row Connor had wakened alone in bed, Abby long
gone. He was going to have to have a chat with her about that and remedy the
situation. She'd obviously tucked the covers around him to keep him warm, but
it wasn't quite the same as have the soft flesh of her nude body pressed against
his. Not by a long shot. Instantly the memories of the night before came to
the forefront of his mind. Memories of their two bodies joined as one, giving
and taking, biting, kissing, tasting, a tangle of limbs and an insatiable hunger,
passion and need. They hadn't broken their apparent marathon record, but Abby
pointed out to him as he was falling asleep that she and the other version of
him had been experimenting with Tantric techniques. He was intrigued and she
said she'd enjoy teaching him again. The desire to make love with Abby again
permeated every cell in his body. He decided a cold shower was in order, otherwise
he'd embarrass himself. He threw off the covers and grabbed his robe, pulling
it on and rushing out of the bedroom and straight into the shower.

"I think sleeping beauty's finally up," said Angela as she popped
the bread into the toaster. Abby was at the stove minding after the bacon in
the frying pan. She and Angela had spent the morning discussing what had transpired
with Connor. Angela had cried on Abby's shoulder quite a bit, reliving the horrible
incident when they'd been twelve years old. Abby had cried with her, the feelings
of guilt for having left her friend alone hitting her hard even a dozen years
later. Finding out that Connor had been the one to rescue her had blown Angela's
mind. She'd always thought Connor was the best of men and couldn't ever have
wished for a better partner for her best friend and sister, but now her esteem
for him was infinite. Her life would have ended had it not been for Connor and
hearing the life that Abby and Jack had been forced to lived as a result of
one evil man's actions broke her heart and made her feel sick to her stomach.
The two women had held each other and cried until their painful emotions ran
dry and thoughts turned to the doleful, kind, heroic man who was snoring the
morning away, completely knackered in the bedroom. They decided the least they
could do was make him a spectacular breakfast.

Angela had the innate ability to never get a hangover and the smell of frying
food after a night of drinking only made her ravenous. Still dressed in their
pajamas they got to work prepping the meal for themselves and Connor. Angela
was in charge of the simpler things like coffee and toast, where as Abby had
always been the chef in the family. As she seasoned the potatoes and whipped
the eggs she wondered if the other Abby had ever cooked for her Connor. Her
adoptive mother and her had bonded over cooking lessons when she'd been a teenager
and she enjoyed taking care of her man that way. The fastest way to Connor's
heart often was through his stomach. Abby took inventory. There was potatoes,
scrambled eggs, bacon and beans. She wished she'd had scones and raspberry jam
for him too, he loved those. She did smile at the thought of offering herself
up as desert later on. She was certain he'd enjoy that.

Both women watched as he walked out of the bathroom, fresh from his shower
and clutching a towel around his waist with rivulets of water dripping down
the plane of his naked back. "Damn, the cuteness of his arse never ceases
to amaze me," commented Angela as she buttered the toast, watching as Connor
disappeared into the bedroom. "You could bounce a coin off it. You're lucky
you saw him first."

"Luck had nothing to do with it," replied Abby as she set the three
plates full of food on the table. "It was fate." She said it with
such conviction that Angela couldn't deny the truth of Abby's statement. Connor
emerged from the bedroom dressed in a casual pair of jeans, converse sneakers
and a battered old Queen tshirt that had seen better days.

"Oh god that smells amazing!" he exclaimed, rushing to the table.

"Tuck in," said Abby, taking a seat beside him and lovingly stroking
her hand through his hair. Connor groaned in pleasure several times during his
meal, making both girls giggle. When they were done, Angela cleared the table
and Abby led Connor to the couch. He wasn't exactly sure what the two women
were conspiring about, but both seemed to be paying him particular attention.
He'd never had breakfast made for him, to begin with. And until last night he'd
never had a true lover. It was still going to take time to get used to this
new world. He sat in the middle section of the couch with Abby pressed to his
side. His arm was around her shoulders, cuddling her close. Angela soon joined
them, sitting on his other side, bringing a large red leather scrapbook with
her. "We've got something to show you," spoke Abby, rubbing his knee
with her hand. Angela opened the album and the first picture Connor saw was
one of Abby and Angela as he'd seen them as young girls. They were smiling and
hugging each other.

"This photograph was taken about two weeks after you rescued me,"
explained Angela. "We were all traumatized by what had happened. Abby felt
wretched of course, but we were all so happy I'd been saved that I didn't hold
any anger towards her and neither could anyone else. Mum and dad made her feel
bad enough as it was, she got grounded for a month. She cried for three days
straight and felt like dirt, then mum took her out, just the two of them, and
helped her get past it."

"I had nightmares just as bad as Angela did. If it hadn't been for you,
Connor, well... you know what happened. The other version of me and no Angela,"
explained Abby. Angela turned the page and it was full of newspaper clippings
with headlines such as Police Searching for Anonymous Hero, Local
Girl Rescued From Pedophile By Good Samaritan
, Cops Nab Child Abductor.
The stories all detailed the events as Connor knew them. The two men who'd come
from the pub had given their description of Connor, as well as his reasons for
fleeing the scene, but of course he was never located. Angela turned the page
and things took a decidedly darker tone. The newspaper articles unveiled the
story of the man who Connor had taken on. His name was Charles Francis Apple.
He was thirty seven years told and from the evidence in his van, to his home
as well as his work as a gas mains worker for the city of Brighton, the police
were able to connect Apple to a series of terrible crimes that had been committed
against girls across the county. Angela hadn't been the first and surely wouldn't
have been the last if not for Connor. There was a trial and Angela had given
witness and in the end, Apple had been convicted of several murders.

"He died in prison last year. There was a brawl between him and a fellow
who had a young daughter of his own. The man was in for importing drugs from
Spain, but he really loved his little girl and when he learned all about Charles
Apple he picked a fight. Lots of families were relieved when they heard. His
death brought everyone a lot of closure. It's thanks to you that he was caught.
I don't... I don't think... if it wasn't for you..." Angela started to
cry and between Connor and Abby she was brought into a hug. "Thanks for
being my hero Connor. I really love you." He was too choked up to respond,
but he hugged both women tighter.

After a time, Angela excused herself and left. She was meeting her girlfriends
to make the final decision about the Paris flat. Abby cleaned up after breakfast
and Connor thumbed through the rest of the scrapbook. It detailed the life the
girls and their family had shared. It was lovely to see it laid before him in
happy pictures. Abby rejoined him a short while later, insinuating herself into
his lap. They started to kiss and it soon became very heated. They paused to
regain their breath, clutching each other and making tiny noises of want and

"I wanna buy you a ring," said Connor in rough voice, nipping at
her lips and chin. "I want to marry you as soon as possible."

"Me too, but Angela and mum won't let us get away without a huge wedding.
Besides, it's every girl's dream to plan her wedding. We won't wait forever,
I promise, before the year's out. Okay?"

"Okay. I'll wait as long as I have to, but I won't like it!"

"Mmm, how's about December 21st? It's close to Christmas, so everyone
will be in fantastic spirits. It's the Solstice, so that adds a little magic.
Then, we can spend a couple of nights sequestered away somewhere in front of
a fire and do nothing but eat and make love. Afterwards, we can all go to Brighton
for Christmas, your mum n' dad too...."

"Wait, stop!" He started shaking and Abby was instantly concerned.

"Connor, what's the matter?"

"My dad... my dad's alive?! How? How can that possibly be?!"

"I don't understand."

"Abby, I went back to 1995 and I changed your future. I can't have possibly
changed my own past! Abby, my father died from cancer when I was fifteen."

"When exactly?"

"November 30th, 1995."

"When was he diagnosed?"

"When they found the tumor in October it was already too late, it had
spread. There was nothing they could do. The doctors said if only they'd found
out a couple of months earlier they could have operated."

"Connor, forgive me for not knowing the scientific side of things, but
maybe you did change your own past when you changed mine. Isn't it possible
that Angela not being killed sent some sort of ripple effect through the world?
She might be one person, but maybe her presence meant something, like it connected
links in a chain that hadn't been before? You did mention once that your dad
had been sick about ten years ago, but that he'd gotten through it. I've met
him, Conn, he's perfectly healthy. He's still teaching English and History.
He's wonderful, just like his son."

"Oh god... Abby... my father's alive!" He couldn't contain his emotions
any longer and he burst into tears. Abby held him and cried tears of joy and
relief with him. When he cried himself out, he was suddenly full of nervous
energy. "Abby I have to see him, please. Can we go right now?!" She
rose from his lap and pulled him up with her, giving him a hug.

"Of course we can. It's a long drive, but we can be there by mid afternoon.
I'll go get dressed and you leave Angela a note and put food out for Rex. Oh,
Connor, I'm so happy for you. I had no idea or I would have said something sooner."
He kissed her and let her go, but then pulled her right back into his arms.

"December 21st is perfect. You're perfect."

"Not, but a long shot, babe. But I'm perfect you, yes? Just like you are
for me."

"An emphatic yes! I love you Abby, so much."

"Love you too, Connor. I'll be ready in ten minutes." She kissed
his mouth and dashed off to the bedroom. Connor stood there and looked around
the flat, feeling his entire being overcome with too many emotions to process
them all at once - elation, joy, excitement, astonishment, fear. He knew
the second he saw his father he was going to cry again. There's no way he'd
be able to hold it in. What possible explanation could he give his parents?
It didn't matter, he'd think of something. He had Abby, he had Angela and now
he had his father too. It was infinitely more than he'd had two days ago. One
impulsive act had brought two people back from the dead and it had given him
the love he'd always longed for. The convergence of events and timelines was
too scary to even fathom and yet it had all worked out so beautifully in the
end. He'd acted out of love and he'd been rewarded more richly then he ever
could have imagined. Abby returned to him and kissed him.

"Ready?" she asked. He simply smiled and nodded his head. He was
more than ready.


The End


Tags: author: evenstar_estel, genre: het, pairing: abby/connor, year: 2010 autumn
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