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Title: Remember A Day

Author: Evenstar Estel

Recipient: prehistoriccat

A anomaly opens up into one of the characters past, and they are
presented with the opportunity to change something painful that happened to

Characters/Pairing: Connor/Abby.

Rating: T.

Summary: An anomaly opens with Brighton, 1995 on the other side and
for one team member it's a reminder of a living nightmare
Spoiler: Series 2, AU

Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance.

Disclaimer: Own nothin', just playin'.


Special thanks to casy_dee for the beta!

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

"Uh, yeah. What's the matter? Did you get hit on that thick skull of yours
again?" asked Angela. Connor gave his head a shake. Oh god, what had he
done? He'd known the risks. He had changed his world. But the most important
question was, where was Abby?

"Where... where's Abby?" he stammered. His stomach felt like it was
in knots. He felt like he might throw up or pass out.

"She's not going to be happy with you. She swore if you got conked on
the head one more time she was giving you the boot. Anyways, it's after 5am,
Conn, where else would she be? In bed. Dumbass." And with that all his
worries evaporated. Abby was still here, in his life and now so was this brash,
sassy, statuesque girl who was looking at him like he'd grown a second head.
She smiled, a giant grin that stretched across her face and lit up the room.
"You should go to bed. You really do look like you've been dragged through
a hedge backwards."

"Yeah... yeah, good idea. Goodnight, Angela. Um, it's nice to see you."

She gave him a perplexed look. "Riiiiiiiiiight. Goodnight to you, you
great big weirdo." He started up the stairs to his bedroom. "Connor?
Why are you going up to my room?"

Connor stopped and turned his head to look at her.

"Y... your room?! Where do I sleep?"

"Where you've always slept, in the bedroom with Abby." Angela pointed
in the direction of Abby's bedroom. Connor looked towards Abby's door, then
back to Angela.

"With... with Abby? I sleep with Abby?!"

"Yes. Every night and sometimes really loudly, I might add." Connor
was having a difficult time absorbing the information she was giving him. "Damn,
you really did get hit hard, didn't you? You want me to take you to hospital?"

"Wha...? No, no I'm fine. It's just been a strange night. I haven't slept
in almost twenty four hours."

"If you're sure. You two should really think about a vacation. Chasing
after dinosaurs on a daily basis is really bad for your health." Connor
stared at her. Evidently Angela knew about the work they did, but was she a
part of it? Did she work at the ARC too? There were too many questions and he
felt a headache coming on fast. Angela sighed and got up from the couch, tossing
her book aside. She climbed up two stairs and took Connor by the shoulders,
she was a couple of inches taller than him. She pulled him down the stairs and
directed him towards the bathroom.

"Okay, numbskull, I'm going to bed. Go into the bathroom and clean yourself
up before you go to sleep. If you get blood on the sheets, Abby will kick your
ass, and not in the fun way she does on Sunday mornings," said Angela.
She gave him a shove before ascending the stairs up to what had been his bedroom.
Stunned, Connor walked into the bathroom and closed the door, operating on auto
pilot. He was dirty and bloody and so were his clothes. He set his cell phone,
wallet and government ID down on the counter and peeled off his clothes, tossing
them in the hamper. He turned on the shower and stepped under the hot spray,
letting the water run down over his body. The water and soap stung the broken
skin on his knuckles when he washed his hair, but it didn't really matter. Angela
was alive. And apparently a smartass. Better yet, Abby was okay and just across
the hall in bed. A bed that apparently they shared. That was going to
take a lot of time to wrap his head around.

He made quick work of his wash and got out of the shower, drying himself off
and wrapping the towel around his waist. He put ointment and band aids over
the worst of his wounds before exiting the bathroom and walking across the hall.
He opened the door slowly, hoping it wouldn't creak and wake her. He peeked
inside and there she was, sound asleep. There was enough light through the open
curtain to illuminate her mop of soft blond hair, still cropped short. She was
lying on her stomach diagonally on the bed atop the covers with her face against
a pillow covered by his Star Wars pillowcase depicting the Death Star. She was
wearing a tiny pair of hot pink knickers and one of his old X-Files tshirts
that had ridden up, showing off the sleek muscles of her back.

He stared at her in wonder. She was beautiful and perfect and wearing his old
clothes to bed. Had his actions tonight really changed things so that Abby was
his girlfriend? He wouldn't have dared to hope for such a miracle, but here
it was. He looked in her drawers and discovered his own clothes next to hers.
He discarded the towel for a fresh pair of boxers and a vest. He was thrashed
and desperate for sleep, but he felt awkward. Abby might've been his girlfriend,
but as far as his experience was, she was still just his flatmate. He would
be honest with her, he'd have to be, there was too much shared history he wouldn't
know about. He sighed. He promised himself he'd tread carefully. Later. Much
later, after several hours of sleep. He didn't exactly fancy sleeping on the
floor. He supposed he could go back out and spend the rest of the night on the
couch, but dawn was coming pretty soon. He yawned and closed the curtains before
kneeling down beside what he supposed was his side of the bed. He touched her
shoulder and gave her a nudge.

"Abby? Sweetheart? Abby?" he whispered. After a moment her eyes fluttered
open, sleepy and heavy lidded. She smiled and reached for him, drawing him in
for a kiss.

"Mmm, Connor," she sighed against his mouth, pressing her lips softly
to his. Connor closed his eyes and basked into the sensation of being kissed
by her. All too soon she was pulling away, sitting herself up on her elbows.
"Did everything go okay? Did you get your phone back?"

"S... sorry?" he stammered.

"Your cell phone," she bopped him on the nose and smiled. "The
one you left back in Brighton, 1995. I swear, babe, you'd lose your head if
it wasn't attached."

"Oh... oh, right. Yeah, I got it. The space time continuum is safe once

"Good to know. You look tired, Connor. Why don't you come to bed?"

"Well, I would but someone's very pretty head is on my pillow." She
narrowed her eyes at him before bopping the end of his nose again. She yawned
and stretched and changed her position, leaving enough room for him to crawl
in next to her as she righted the covers. He lay down on the bed and rested
his head on his pillow. The scent of her surrounded him, it was both frightening
and arousing. Abby flipped the covers over his body as well as her own then
snuggled down at his side. She moulded herself to him so there wasn't fraction
of space between them. With her face nestled at his neck and her arm and leg
flung over his body Connor only fell asleep by virtue of the fact that he was
beyond exhausted. Otherwise he'd have spent the next several hours in a panic.
As it was, he had some very inappropriate dreams about being in a bed with Abby.

It was mid afternoon when Connor awoke. He was alone and Abby's heat was no
longer with him. That was sort of a relief. He didn't want to have to try and
talk to her whilst they were both in their underwear. He went to the closet
to find his clothes and was a little surprised by what he found there. The style
of men's clothing wasn't unlike his own, except definitely more refined, more
expensive. Perhaps having Abby a girlfriend had influenced his style and taste
somewhat? He pulled on a sleek pair of black slacks made from a durable fabric.
He flipped through the vast collection of band tshirts and chose a distressed
Pink Floyd one in dark green. He covered it with a waistcoat of charcoal gray.
In the shoe racks (he had shoe racks?) he found a pair of combat style boots
in black. He pulled them on and laced them up. The final touch was another pair
of fingerless gloves in a green that matched the tshirt. He'd found those in
a cubby in the closet along with a dozen other pairs. He strapped on his watch
and exited the bedroom, darting into the bathroom to brush his teeth, etc. before
going in search of Abby. He found her, along with Angela and three other gorgeous
and tall young women sitting around the kitchen table, pouring over what looked
to be prospects for a flat in Paris, France. Five women turned and smiled at
him and he felt he was under extreme scrutiny. Abby came to his rescue and rose
from the table, coming over and kissing him before drawing him away towards
the living room. They sat down on the couch together with Abby placing herself
in his lap. He was nervous and stressed, trying desperately not to take advantage
of the situation. This Abby loved him and felt free with touching him, but he
wasn't the Connor she'd woken up with the day before.

"Sorry for the invasion, they're trying to agree on a flat before the
end of the week so they can move straight in when they arrive at the end of
the month. The estate agent in France needs an answer by Monday," explained

"What day is it?" asked Connor, feeling a fresh headache coming on.

"Saturday, babe. Ange said you got hit on the head yesterday. I really
wish you'd gone to hospital."

"No, no I'm fine. I didn't get hit on the head. So, um, why are they moving
to France?" Abby gave him a perplexed look.

"Because of the modeling contracts with IMG." She frowned and ran
her fingers through his hair, searching for lumps.

"Me girlfriend's best friends are models?"

"That's nothing new; Ange has been working in London since we were eighteen.
You're starting to worry me with these memory lapses."

"I... I think I need to go see Cutter. Something did happen yesterday
and we need to discuss it. I don't want to worry you, Abby, but it's big."

"Are you okay?" her voice was full of concern and her eyes were telling
him he was frightening her.

"I will be, we will be. I promise everything will be okay," he sighed
and looked into her bright blue eyes, seeing only love and trust behind them.
"I'm so in love you Abby Maitland."

"Maitland? Connor, my last name hasn't been Maitland since I was fourteen
and Angela's family adopted us. M'last name's Clarkson, you know that,"
she was trembling now and he quickly embraced her.

"M'sorry. I'm just confused. Everything will work out. Will you
come with me to see Cutter? It'll be easier to explain to you both at once."

"Okay. Of course," he looked up at her and watched a single tear
escape the corner of her eye and he quickly pressed his lips to it, tasting
the salt and the fear. He enfolded her in his arms once more and silently held
her for several minutes. The last thing he wanted to do was break her heart,
but there was no way to avoid it. She'd find out that he was a different Connor
and that the one she'd shared her life with had been erased. He just hoped she
believed enough in the power of love to accept that what he'd done may have
changed the Connor she knew and fell in love with, but it had also kept her
best friend and adopted sister in this world.

Abby excused herself from her friends and Angela, explaining that they had
to go into work. Only Angela knew about anomalies and dinosaurs. It had been
impossible to avoid being as close to Abby as she was. Of course there was also
Rex as evidence. To most people he could be passed off as an exotic lizard,
but Angela knew Abby too well to have the secret kept from her. Connor drove
to Professor Cutter's house, who was surprised by the two of them showing up
on his doorstep on a Saturday afternoon. Connor asked if they could sit before
he began his tale. He put some distance between him and Abby as he sat in the
arm chair while Cutter and Abby sat on the beat up old leather couch.

He opened with, "Last night I went back through the anomaly and completely
rewrote history." His tale unfolded from there, he told them of the world
as he had known it, including how he and Abby were only flatmates and not lovers.
Abby listened and said nothing, but she couldn't look at him. The man she'd
known and loved was gone and this other Connor perhaps said the right words,
felt the same when they touched but he wasn't the same at all. It wasn't until
he got to the events of the day that precipitated his decision to change the
past that Abby started to understand. He recounted what the other Abby had told
him of her childhood - the foster homes, the rejections, and the violence she'd
experienced after Angela's death. Cutter was both furious with Connor at the
same time as being rather proud of him. They spoke about the past as Cutter
and Abby knew it and Connor found that little else was different aside from
two very obvious factors - Angela Clarkson was alive, and Abby loved Connor.
Angela was aware of the ARC and its operations, but she was not involved. She
was in fact a rather well known model in European circles and at twenty five
was the muse for many a Parisian designer, hence the move to Paris. The Clarksons
had adopted Abby and Jack when Abby was fourteen years old and the rest of her
teen years had been happy, relaxed and full of love and family. Abby had stayed
in school whilst working at the Wellington Zoo. She'd worked her ass off being
a full time student and keeping up shifts with the reptiles. She'd got her Bachelor's
Degree in Zoology with a minor in Herpetology with plans to continue on to get
her Masters and maybe even her Doctorate. Then she'd met them all Forest of
Dean after seeing Rex for the first time. Cutter wove in his history and memory
of the erased Claudia Brown with what Connor remembered in his timeline and
what Abby knew of hers - three variant histories that had converged in the here
and now.

There was little to be done now as Connor could not undo what he'd done, any
more than what the Professor could in order to bring back Claudia. There undoubtedly
would be a fallout of some sort, Cutter already expressed his desire to have
all travel to the other side of anomalies banned, lest anyone completely undo
the fabric of the universe. Abby and Connor left Cutter's house. When they got
to the mini, Abby kept walking. Connor followed her, a step behind. She was
trembling, her hands clenched in white knuckled fists. She began to walk faster
and he increased his pace too, only to have the toe of his boot catch the side
of a cobble stone and send him falling forward, hitting the ground with a painful
thud. He lay there in pain for quite some time until he felt two small but strong
hands helping him up.

"I've never met anyone more careless with their own safety than you,"
said Abby. Her tone was one of caring exasperation. Once he was on his feet
she brushed him off and straightened his clothes. "I don't know what you'd
do without me to look after you."

"I'd be lost without you," he replied honestly. She huffed out a
breath and resumed her walking, this time keeping an even pace so Connor could
walk beside her.

"And what about me? What am I supposed to do now that my Connor's
been erased!?"

"I'm not erased Abby. There's only one Connor Temple in this world and
its me."

"You're NOT him! My Connor has slept in my bed for over a year. He knows
everything about me! He knows that I like to soak in the tub in the dark. He
knows what my favourite ice cream is. He knows where to touch me, how to..."

"I know those things! Well, not the last one..."

"Exactly! I'm a completely different Abby to the one you knew! How can
we possibly be together when we're not even the same people!?"

"We are the same!"

"Everything I shared with my Connor is gone! How are you the same?"

"Would you believe I was so different if I'd just hit my head and gotten
amnesia instead?" She said nothing, but ran her fingers through her hair
and pressed her lips tightly together. "I had to do it, I had to give you
back Angela. Abby, you were so hard and cold inside, so scared and hurt. Your
heart was locked to me. If I hadn't have done what I did, your sister would've
been kidnapped, had terrible things done to her and then she would've been murdered
and dumped in a field. I'm truly sorry for being so harsh, but it's the truth.
You would've been sent to a foster home where you were beaten every day with
a belt. What about Jack? What's he doing now?"

"He's at Uni. He wants to be an architect."

"In my timeline from what I could tell you two weren't even on speaking
terms. Abby, I can't regret what I've done - you've had such a happy life. I
was willing to risk maybe never knowing you to make sure that the horrors you
told me about never happened. I did it because I love you, that's the truth."

"Don't say that. Don't say you love me. You haven't the right anymore."

"Maybe not, but I can't stop the way I feel."

"You don't even remember the weekend in Wales! Or our first Christmas!
You don't remember kissing me on the roof of our building on New Year's Eve!
I want MY Connor back!" She'd been holding back her tears since the moment
he began his story back at Cutter's house, but now they were coming and she
couldn't stop them. She growled, frustrated with herself, with him and the situation.
Connor touched her, pulling her into his arms. She fought him at first, but
then gave in, hugging him back.

"I am your Connor. You haven't lost me." She cleaved to him
so fiercely he thought his lungs might burst or his ribs would crack. "I'm
so sorry, Abby. I'm sorry I don't remember us. In my old life you didn't love
me at all, I was just a mate, but I've always loved you."

"I can't imagine not loving you. How did the other Abby live with you
for over a year and not feel it? You're... you're the best thing that ever happened
to me."

"I feel the same way. Abby, if our roles were reversed, wouldn't you have
done the same thing?" She thought for a moment and nodded her head. "I'm
not sure the Abby I knew could ever have let herself love and be loved. She
was lovely with a good heart, but she was scared of love. I've realized that.
We've haven't lost as much as we've gained, have we?"

"No, I suppose not."

He released her and took her hand in his. "Let's keep walking. Can you
tell me about us? What made you decide you liked me in the first place?"

"We should huddle together for warmth, that's what you said,"
she replied wistfully.

"I remember that, you gave me such a look. I all but withered into the
next week."

"No, I didn't, I sat myself in your lap and put my hands into your coat
and up under your shirt to keep my hands warm and we snuggled and snogged for
a good three hours before Tom n' Duncan showed up."

"Tom... I'd forgotten... is he... did he still die?"

"I'm sorry, he's still gone. The parasite from the dodo. We slept together
for the first time that night. You needed the comfort and I really wanted to
take care of you, so it happened. Things were pretty awkward the next day, but
then Angela showed up and wondered if my spare room was still free. She'd just
busted up with her boyfriend. She met you and later on told me to go for it,
said that she had a good feeling about you. Now we know why I guess."

"I don't think she even saw my face that night, she was so scared."

"But on some level she must've known, or at least sensed what a good man
you are. At any rate, you moved into my room and never left it. I was pretty
much head over heels as it was."

"Seriously? Over me? I was such a geek."

"Babe, you still are. But you were cute and needy. You had this lost puppy
thing going on. We also had the heat up for Rex so you would hang around the
flat in just your boxers and... and you were really sexy."

"You think I'm sexy?"

"Well, yeah. Fit body, with chocolate coloured puppy dog eyes of doom,
that devastating little dimple on the left, that mouth... your... um...."
She gestured towards his crotch and immediately he felt his ears flush red along
with the rest of his face. "And the way you get embarrassed whenever I
pay you a compliment."

"Um... am I any good? In bed, I mean. Do I please you?"Abby giggled
at him. "No, Abby, I'm serious! Oh this is going to be such a disaster."

"What's going to be a disaster?"

"Us... me... trying to... I mean, when... if you want... if you
let me... sex!"

"What are you trying to say?" His face was completely red,
he could feel it. He covered his face with his hands and whimpered. Abby tried
very hard not to laugh and embarrass him any further.

"Are you saying that you're still a virgin Connor?"

"What?! No! Yes! Maybe... I don't know, probably, sort of... okay, yes.
There? Happy?!" Abby grabbed his waistcoat and pulled him down to her,
fusing her lips to his for a passionate kiss that made him see fireworks. When
they parted they were both panting for breath.

"Happy? Definitely. That means I get to deflower you all over again. And
for the record, and poor Angela in the loft above us every night will swear
to it under oath, you're a real marathon man."

"I am?" Abby nodded, biting her bottom lip. There was a seductive
glint in her eye and made Connor curious. She reached for him, threading her
fingers through his hair and pulling him close once more.

"Three and a half hours," she whispered against his mouth. "Maybe
tonight we can try and beat that record?"


Tags: author: evenstar_estel, genre: het, pairing: abby/connor, year: 2010 autumn
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