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Keeping Things Interesting.

Title: Keeping  Things Interesting
Author: caroxxjane
Recipient: woodstock12
Prompt(s): Monster Penguins
Pairing(s)/Characters: Abby Maitland, Connor Temple, Danny Quinn
Rating: PG
Summary: "What she wasn't prepared for, however, were the six other penguins, that were twice the size of the one she was holding, that must have come through."
Words: 1000~
Disclaimer: I don't own Primeval.
A/N: Quick note, I'm terribly sorry for the delay, my laptop has been having issues.  Also, I'm American, so please tell me if there is anything terribly un-British in this.

The ARC was nearly empty that morning, other than the usual few. Connor sat at the ADD, quickly typing away at the keyboard. Abby wasn't sure what he was doing, he'd tried to explain it earlier, but she couldn't understand a word he said, he was talking much to fast for her to keep up.

Danny had been called to Lester's office, something about a particularly attention-grabbing explosion. Lester was getting fed up with their publicity stunts. She could tell that he suspected that they were doing it just to make him mad. He was right.

Sarah was out sick, still recovering from a nasty bite from a prehistoric bug. Luckily, it wasn't poisonous, but it was a really big bug.

Becker had to train some new recruits, something he complained about all of the day before.

And Abby, well, she was actually kind of bored. Things had been pretty quiet, for them anyways, so she was thankful when she heard the alarms go off.

Danny came rushing through the door, obviously relieved to be out of Lester's office.

“Please tell me that wasn't just a test.” He said, going to look over Connor's shoulder.

“Nope. There's an anomaly...there.” He pointed to the small red dot on the screen. Abby stood up, walking over to get a better look. “Oh, that's right next to your flat, Abby.”

“It's not next to my flat, it's in my flat.” She groaned. She'd just cleaned it up.

“Could just be in the building.” Connor said, trying to remain optimistic.

She looks at him, “With my luck? I don't think so.”

“Right then.” Danny had already started gathering things they'd probably need. “Let's go.”

“Why so eager?” Abby asked him.

“I've been bored silly for nearly a week now, nothing interesting has happened since the giant centipede-”

“Millipede.” Connor interjected. “Centipedes are poisonous.”

“And that one didn't even compare to the first one we saw. Well, I guess that was a centipede, then, since it was poisonous.” Abby said.

“Anyways,” Danny continued what he was saying before, “Things have been slow since then. Just happy to have something to do.”


They arrive at Abby's flat in a fairly short amount of time, having ran three red lights and two stop signs. Danny wasn't a particularly careful driver and Abby's insistence that he get there fast, so whatever creature came through didn't try to eat Rex or anything else, didn't really help. They instructed the soldiers that they were required to take to every anomaly site to stay outside, unless they were needed.

Abby reached into her pocket and fished out her key. She then walked towards the door, Connor and Danny following close behind her. She put the silver key into the lock, turned it, and opened the door, preparing to be jumped by something big and scaly.

Instead of that, something small and sort of fluffy came out, ramming in to her leg. Well, it wasn't really small, it was about two feet tall. A baby penguin, super-sized.

The force of it knocked her slightly off balance, but she remained upright. Abby crouched down in front of the bird, looking it over.

“Careful, Abby, it might have a disease or something.” Connor warned her.

Abby rolled her eyes, “It's probably fine.” She reached out and petted its head. “Hey little guy,” She cooed, before turning back to Danny and Connor “C'mon, lets get it back through the anomaly.” She picks up the creature and carries it up the stair, all the while hoping it doesn't start thrashing about, though she would be prepared for that.

What she wasn't prepared for, however, were the six other penguins, that were twice the size of the one she was holding, that must have come through.

The instant they saw her they began to squawk. Startled, the smaller bird jumped out of her arms and waddled over to the crowd of penguins.

A penguin came at them. It was six feet tall and looked just like a modern day penguin, other than the much larger beak.

Of course, this was quite a frightening sight, one that sent them all back down stairs and slamming the door before the creature could get out.

“Well,” Danny started, “That was definitely interesting.”

Abby glared at him, “How should we get them back through the anomaly?”

“I've got an idea.” Danny smirked.


An hour later, they returned to Abby's flat with three coolers of fish. Danny had a friend who worked at a fish market, told them they could have them at half price.

They each took one and carried them up the stairs. The birds must have heard them coming because they started running about, knocking over lamps and chairs and anything else they could.

“What's the plan?” Connor asked.

“Haven't exactly figured that out yet.” Danny responded and Abby sighed.

“Fine, just follow my lead.” Abby waited a moment for the penguins to calm down and then she stalked carefully around them. Danny and Connor did the same.

“Okay, first, we need to find the anomaly.” Abby instructed, but then a stray penguin wandered out of her kitchen. “I guess it's in there.” She lifted her coolers of fish. “Alright, which one of you wants to get them back there?”

Neither of them spoke.

“Okay then, Connor. You make excellent bait.”


“Relax,” She told him, “Just lure them here with the fish. It's not that hard.”

He sighed, “Fine.” He reluctantly left their semi-huddle, carrying one cooler with him. He opened the lid, carefully, keeping his eyes trained on the large birds. As the lid popped open and the smell wafted out of the cooler, Connor suddenly gained the penguins undivided attention.

He pulled one fish out, nearly letting it slip from his hand. To Abby's surprise, the penguins did not attack. She supposed that was a good thing.

He threw the fish up into the air and one of the birds jumped and caught it in its mouth. Abby smiled, Connor was doing really well. He starts backing up, waving another fish in front of the birds. He tossed it up in the air and it was caught by a different one. He continued this until he was out of fish and had reached Danny and Abby.

When the penguins realized that the cooler was empty, they began to squawk and thrash about.

“Umm, guys?” Connor pleaded.

Danny opened his cooler and the penguins immediately calmed down. He pulled out a fish and started backing towards the kitchen.

He threw a few more fish to the herd of penguins before he reached the anomaly. Then he stood off to the side of it and threw one in. A penguin followed.

He tossed a few more in, the birds following them. Eventually, they had all been returned to their own time.

The anomaly closed behind them. Danny dropped the empty cooler to the floor.

“Well, that was exhausting.”

Abby smiled, “At least it wasn't boring.”
Tags: genre: gen, year: 2010 spring
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