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Title: Open Your Eyes

Title: Open Your Eyes
For: Temaris
By: lehattertemple (limpycsiwombat)
Prompt: Something fun, saving the world, playing with cute dinosaurs -- a little light relief from the apocalypse.
Pairings: Connor/Abby implied, implied Nick/Claudia at beginning
Rating: PG-13
Summary: While on an expedition through the anomaly, Connor and Abby soon find that the past creatures can open your eyes.
Warning: CUTENESS!

Professor Nick Cutter had been busy in his office at the college when the call came in. Another creature sighting. It had already been a long enough day as it was and adding another creature that has escaped into this world was not helping matters at all. With a sigh, he quickly rang Stephen, Connor and Abby and told them to meet him outside of the elementary school where the anomaly was located. Thank God it was five in the afternoon and school was out. When he arrived, he saw Claudia Brown and the SAS setting up a boundary around the shimmering light that caused many a problems for him and his colleagues. Yet, his eyes seemed to fall upon Claudia Brown. As he approached, he had to keep his breathing normal. When she finally turned and saw him approaching, she gave him her playful smile and greeted, “There you are.”

“I had some papers to grade. What kind of creature do we have?”

“Not just one creature…several of them. Some of the SAS say it’s like Jurassic Park out here.”

“How many creatures have come through?”

“So far, three different species.”

Cutter ran his hand down his face as Stephen Hart, Connor Temple and Abby Maitland pulled up. Once he saw them, he sighed, “Alright, here’s what we know. There are three different creatures that have come through. Stephen, you and me are going to go find them, round them up and get them back through the anomaly. Connor and Abby, you two stay here with Captain Ryan and make sure nothing else comes through and find out what time period this goes to so we know what kind of creatures we’re dealing with.”

The team nodded as Cutter waved for Stephen and some of the SAS to follow him and find the creatures while Ryan, Connor, Abby and Claudia watched them run. “I’m going to head back to the Office and inform Lester of the situation. I’m sure he won’t be too pleased with this,” sighed Claudia as she got into her vehicle and left.

The moment they were on their own, Captain Ryan, Connor and Abby soon found themselves quite bored. Captain Ryan kept his gun trained on the anomaly in case another creature came through while Abby drew pictures in the dirt with the stick. Connor stood near the anomaly, watching his compass as the needle spun around in circles. Connor was just about to get closer when the anomaly started fluctuating. Captain Ryan steadied his gun as he ordered, “Connor, get out of the way.”

As soon as Connor moved away from the anomaly, a large leg stepped through, followed by another and a large body with a long neck. They all looked up in surprise as the dinosaur continued through and started walking towards the trees behind the school. “Is that…?” began Abby.

“That’s a Brachiosaurus. Cool,” smiled Connor.

As Connor stared at it in wonder, Abby grabbed his arm and pulled it, reminding him, “We need to get it back.”

“How do you s’pose we do that?”

As Connor and Abby ran towards the Brachiosaurs, Captain Ryan noticed them running and muttered, “WAIT!” before running after them.

When they reached the large dinosaur, they watched as it began to feed off the branches and leaves of the trees. “It’s just looking for some food,” smiled Abby.

“Guess the trees in the Jurassic were fresh out.”

“Fantastic, can we just get it back through the anomaly?” asked Captain Ryan, pointing his gun at the dinosaur.

Connor and Abby tried to think of ways to lure the dinosaur back through, each way becoming more and more outlandish. Finally, a light bulb went off over Abby’s head. “It’s an herbivore. All we have to do is lead it back through with some food.”

“How do you suppose we do that? It’s not like we can root up a tree,” pointed out Captain Ryan.
Looking at his gun to the tree, Connor suggested, “Shoot off one of the branches.”


“Just do it!”

Shaking his head, Captain Ryan took aim and fired. A few rounds went through one of the branches and landed on the ground with a loud resonating sound. The Brachiosaurus’ gaze moved down to that branch, staring at in interest before going back to its own batch. Connor and Abby raced forward with Captain Ryan close behind. As the two scientists reached the branch, Abby looked at Connor and said, “Help me lift it.”

Connor nodded and together, they wrapped their arms around the branch and heaved. Both Abby and Connor grunted as they lifted the heavy bit of tree. “Couldn’t have made it smaller, could you?” gritted Connor, glancing at Captain Ryan.

Ryan didn’t answer as Connor and Abby finally lifted it and were able to hold it. “Alright, now we need to get his attention,” sighed Connor.



“It’s a her,” replied Abby.

“Her whatever, can we just hurry this up? My arms are getting tired,” pleaded Connor.

Captain Ryan fired off a few more rounds in the air and shouted, “Oi! Over here!”

The gunshots turned the dinosaur’s head towards them and once she saw the moving food, she immediately followed. The Brachiosaurus gained on Abby and Connor quickly, due to its large steps. “Abby, I don’t think we can…”

But Connor was interrupted when the branch lifted from their arms, one of the branches catching Connor’s vest and lifting him off the ground with the branch. Abby watched in both amusement and shock as the Connor shouted for help and the Brachiosaurus proceeded through the anomaly with the branch and Connor in tow. Once they disappeared, Captain Ryan sighed as he replied,

“You stay here, I’ll go after Temple.”

Before Abby could argue, Captain Ryan ran through the shimmering light. Once he disappeared, Abby chased after him. There was no way she was going to be left behind. She was not expecting the sight that lay before her when she emerged. The anomaly linked to an open plain surrounded by trees filled with Brachiosaurus. Abby stood in awe, taking in the magnificence that lay before her. The sun was high in the sky, lighting up the blue sky and illuminating the green grass. Along with the Brachiosaurus were several Cryptosaurus grazing. As she scanned the horizon, she saw Captain Ryan aiming at the branch that held Connor. “Stay still!” he ordered.


But Captain Ryan ignored him as he opened fire, shooting away the bit of tree that was keeping Connor in the air. There was a shriek resonating from Connor as he fell to the ground, landing with a loud thud and echoing an, “Ow!”

Abby raced over as Captain Ryan helped Connor up. “You alright?” he asked.

“Alright? Alright! I just fell the height of a Brachiosaurus on my bum! Of course I’m not alright!”

“Be lucky you didn’t break something. Now, let’s get out of here,” replied Captain Ryan trying to move them back through the anomaly.

“Wait, just give us a minute…please,” pleaded Abby.

“We’re not supposed to be here.”

“Please,” she pleaded again.

Captain Ryan gave a sigh as he replied, “Five minutes and then we go.”

Abby clapped her hands together and replied, “Thank you,” before grabbing Connor’s arm and pulling him towards the dinosaurs. “Abby, what are we doing!” he asked.

“I just want to get a closer look.”

As they entered the plain, they were suddenly intercepted by baby Cryptosaurus. Abby giggled in delight as they surrounded them, greeting them with a happy voice. “Hello,” Abby greeted, patting the head of one.

“I don’t think this is a good idea,” Connor squeaked.

“They’re not going to bite you.”

“No, but their mum might not be so happy.”

Just then, one of the babies butted its head into Connor, knocking him off balance and fall. Abby laughed as she helped Connor up. “You okay?”

“Well…never been head butted by a dinosaur before.”

Abby laughed even more as a Cryptosaurus sounded in the distance, causing the babies to vanish around them and run off towards the yell. Abby and Connor watched as the mother Cryptosaurus walked towards them, the babies swarming her feet. Abby and Connor watched in awe as the mother led them off towards their home. “I can see why Cutter finds these amazing,” muttered Connor.

“Oi! You two! Times up!”

Abby and Connor turned around to see Captain Ryan motioning for them to go. Just as they were about to walk towards him, a small ratty mammal ran from a nearby tree towards Captain Ryan. “Connor, what is that?”

“I don’t believe it,” he muttered, leaning in towards Abby, “That’s a Pseudotribos robustus! It was discovered in 2004.”

“Is it a carnivore?”

“No, an insectivore.”

Abby nodded as Captain Ryan stared at the ugly thing. Then, out of nowhere, the mammal jumped up and landed on Captain Ryan’s chest, causing him to fall backwards. Abby and Connor laughed hysterically as they ran forward and saw the mammal staring at Captain Ryan affectionately. “I think he likes you,” smiled Connor.

Abby giggled as she picked up the creature from Captain Ryan’s chest and set it on the ground, telling it to “run along.” Once the creature scurried off, Ryan helped himself off the ground and muttered, “Let’s just get back before another creature decides to ‘like’ me.”

Captain Ryan was the first to walk through the anomaly. Before Connor and Abby followed suit, they turned and took one last look at the land that surrounded them. “This was nice,” muttered Abby.

“Yeah. Always dreamed of being nearly eaten by an herbivore,” replied Connor sarcastically.

Abby playfully punched him on the arm and said, “No, this. Just knowing that there are some anomalies that don’t lead to dangerous creatures. It’s a nice reminder that the world isn’t all that bad.”

Connor nodded as he placed a hand on Abby’s back and guided her through the anomaly. “Come on, we don’t want Captain Ryan to come back and shoot us because we didn’t follow him through.”
With a nod, they both walked back through the anomaly, returning to the chaos that ensued on the other side.

Tags: author: limpycsiwombat, genre: gen, genre: het, pairing: abby/connor, pairing: nick/claudia, year: 2010 spring
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