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"Helen and Lester and Nick" (for TalliW) MATURE!

Title: Helen and Lester and Nick.
Author: Keenir.
Beta: Babnol.
Recipient: TalliW
Prompt(s): Love is not a battlefield.
I can assure you it is requited.
Angst with a happy or hopeful ending
Pairing(s), if any: Lester/Helen/Nick.
Rating: Mature.
Summary: To fight the effects of Future Violence Pollen, they have sex. Not much of a plot, really.

Warnings: threesome and possible pairsome; implication of massive extinctions.
Disclaimer: I own none of the canon characters, and that's all that's in here.
Author's Note:</b> While I am using the same future epoch I first used in Torrid Above Freezing, and later in Firing When Dry, this story stands on its own: you don't need to read those two in order to understand where they are.

"I am of three minds,
"Like a tree,
"In which there are three blackbirds."


The ice has come rom the poles to coat the world after the passing of mankind, and has since returned to the poles. On one continent, only corals and crabs live on land. In the sea swims the last mammal, vastnesses huger than any whale. And on the only other continent in the world, grows a predatory monstrosity of a floral nature.

'Prehistoric sex pollen' was a misnomer. For one, these plants had no pollen, sexy or otherwise; they were of the algae family. For another, inhalation incited violence.

For that reason, Helen charged at and tackled Lester and Nick where they were starting to come to fisticuffs, sending the three of them off the stone cliff four feet to the water.

As soon as they came to the surface to suck in a lungfull of air, Helen said "Get out of the water, both of you," as forcefully as she could without ordering or getting angry - both actions would have negated the reason for the dunk.

"I presume there was a reason for your bowling us into said water?" Lester said.

"As some of my colleagues phrase it, I knocked some sense into you both."

"I was fully aware -" Nick started to say.

"No, Nick, you weren't. You let the airborne pollen get to you," with 'pollen' being a passable simplification of what it was. "We have to get away from that orchard of algals."

"Can't we just stay here?" Nick asked her, almost challenging her.

Not right now, Nick, don't push me. "There are things in the water that are worse than what you're familiar with, Nick."

"I thought you'd never been here before - that is what you said earlier, isn't it?"
That her travels through time had been bracketed by the global glaciations.

"With a brief exception in which I was fully babysat by two ARC employees, that's right," Helen said, and shepherded them out onto a pollen-free patch of rock, and from there they headed away from the algae-encrused field that had spewn out fogbanks of 'sex pollen.'

* *

While most life forms endemic to this period of time were driven fighting mad by the pollen, combatting to the death of one or both combatants, with the corpse functioning as nutrients for the algals; there were a few genera which had adapted to be immune to the floral fog - though they now depended upon it. But both members of both groups had some manner of keeping the pollen from getting to them - some discarded bristlecloaks as they pummelled out of the fog, others kept their skins' mucus extra thick and impermeable.

But humans had only one biological way of fighting the pollen's effects - since a return to the water was deemed unadvisable when all the pools and waters they passed by were patrolled by seething tentacles.

"We tell no one," Nick repeated as he shucked off his shirt, his bare pelvis' male member already nudging the front of his wife's own feminine pelvis.

Deja vu, Lester thought to himself as he kissed Helen's bare shoulderblade from behind. Last time I did this was when I asked my wife what it would take for us to not get divorced. There was a special level of hell for that cuckolding boytoy, Lester hoped.

Helen turned around, facing Lester instead.

"They would only get ideas," Lester said. "So agreed." To Helen, "Before you wonder of my motives, I assure you this is requited on my part."

But now Nick's mind was full of visions of Jenny and Sarah partying with him...and the little voice in the back of his head pointed out, they'd rather be with Becker. So, to shut the voice up, Nick said, "By the way, you never answered the question," as he entered his wife for the first time in years.

"Which one?" Helen asked with a playful grin on a half-turned head.

"How did you find that out?" Nick asked Helen. "About the algae pollen."

"She didn't," Lester said, as he himself slid into her. "Christine's minions did." And then Helen got the report when we all defeated Christine. "Really, Cutter, you should at least try to read the weekly reports."

Cutter's only reply was to thrust harder, which slapped Lester back some.

"Honestly, Cutter, one would think this your first time," Lester remarked.

"He's always like this," Helen said. "At times, it can be sweet."

"You never complained," Nick said.

"If Mr. Hart was a protest..." Lester commented.

Helen made a noise in her throat. "Not enough: we need to move further upwind."

"And just when I'd gotten comfortable."

* *

The arrangement of knees kept them from descending to the ground and getting up again too often, but they did lie together literally at least once.

At some point, a second Helen Cutter seemed to walk up on them and join in, one Helen with Nick and the other Helen with Lester. Pollen withdrawl includes hallucinations? Nick wondered as he reached another peak and brough her to hers.

And then there was only the one Helen again, sometimes facing Nick, other times facing James.

Helen moved abruptly, nearly resulting in both men falling out, and definately resulting in a break to their concentration. "Problem?" James asked. In other times, he would have asked 'is there a problem?' but not right now.

"The anomaly is five yards to our east," Helen said. "It should return you both to the ARC roughly when we left."

The End
Tags: author: rodlox, genre: het, genre: threesomes and moresomes, year: 2009 autumn
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